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What to do when you can't stop sales decreasing ?

Learn how to build a Resilience Plan
This one day workshop is designed to analyse the causes of lost connection and closure to the Client, resulting in decreasing sales. There are often changes going on at the Customer. The Sales team is not able to adapt quickly to these changes, and to transform itself in an effective way. In this workshop we build with the Sales Team a « 90 days Resilience Plan » to recover the situation. A few months later, we build the next step plan, which is named « From Resilience to Growth ». It consists to analyse how your Account has integrated the resilience phase cost reduction, business process outsourcing, people redeployment, etc...), and how they organize themselves to generate New Business Potential by focusing on the CSF's (critical success factors).

We can customize a special ONE DAY RESILIENCE workshop (we also call it: «TurnAroundAccount» workshop). The risk sharing option is available for this workshop service. We propose here again a very creative payment scheme based on KPI's!

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