Building/Monitoring a Partner Account Business Plan

Manage carefully your Indirect Business and help your Partners with an effective Business Plan

A highly Customized Process as each Business Partner is different !

This specific section addresses the need for large IT Vendors to maintain/develop their network of Channel Partners in the selling and delivery of their Products and Services. This process includes :

1/ Preparation meetings at the Partner site (Interviews of selected profiles and responsibilities, from the Customer facing activity to the top Management)
2/ Same preparation meetings at the IT Vendor facilities (Interviews of all relevant sales and delivery people interacting with the Partner)
3/ Production of a detailed Report and recommendations for the next step
4/ Business Planning Workshop to build a JBP (Joint Business Plan) and secure the Current Business, then Assess and Develop New Business Opportunities. All the elements of the plan are placed in a Cloud accessed by all team members on both sides.
5/ Follow-up with 3 or 6 monthly Reviews Calls to monitor and eventually adjust the Agreed Progress Plan signed off by the parties during the workshop.

For this service, we design a highly customized process along with the methodology to measure progress. As a summary, planning your needs as early as possible, and taking advantage of these new customizable services will be the first critical success factor for your Sales Managers in the INDIRECT BUSINESS, and a beneficial impact on your Partner's Business!

If required, the risk sharing option is available for this service. We propose here again a very creative payment scheme based on KPI's!

How ? Please contact us via a quick email or a direct call.