Marketing programs focused on New Business Potential

Your existing business in danger ?

Your Current business and Run-Rate business are in danger...
...if you do not CREATE New Business Potential!

It is obvious that Sales people are paid to generate effective orders, on the other hand, the Marketing people are paid to spend effectively, and on-time, their marketing funds according to the pre-defined objectives, like lead generation, awareness improvement, etc… but during the planning period, although the requests for Marketing support are most of the time specific and financially realistic, the reality is that, in many cases, the effective and required monitoring of the marketing plans is not rigorously done, so deviations occur, and frequently the money is not spent as originally allocated.

This service consists to work closely with the Business Development and Marketing managers of an Industry Segment, then have efficient exchanges with the relevant Sales Managers for validation, and agree on the scheme of monitoring the progress.

Our methodology consists in a systematic approach, and has proven its efficiency in all industries within the 11 EMEA Countries where ARALMA SERVICES has operated.

We can customize a special ONE DAY NEW BUSINESS POTENTIAL workshop, and we propose to share the risk with an innovative payment scheme!

How ? the answer is just a quick email or call away.