This is the true Value Proposition of ARALMA SERVICES

One day, after a successfull review of a workshop, an Executive (HP Vice President) has given the following feed-back about our services:
"What you have delivered to the Account Sales Team with this excellent workshop is neither CONSULTING, nor TRAINING or COACHING...     No, you have delivered something of a higher value to the Account Sales Team : you helped them to reach their objectives much faster   (e.g. six months ahead of the original target)!

In one word, your service should have been named "RTTS Service", RTTS standing for...
                   ....  REDUCE TIME TO SUCCESS.  !!!
WOW! Thanks a lot to this HP Vice President (name and reference available on request). We were so happy and proud to get a feed-back like this from a Client that we decided to promote it as our VALUE PROPOSITION.  And we will keep the passion to deserve this again and again...