Improving the "LOR"

(Level of Relationship with your Customer)

What LOR do you really need ?

In many cases, the penetration of an account in terms of effective sales is highly dependent on investments made to move up quickly in the LOR.

But the real question is : What LOR do you really need ? Some vendors are spending a lot of money and energy to move up their LOR. Sometimes this is not needed, and you can be very happy by staying just as VENDOR (the lowest level) and selling your products and services with good volumes and margins.

It is true that in some other cases your Customer is expecting your company to be more than a VENDOR. The signals sent by your Customer are clear, and if you do not have the capacity (e.g. Project Management, and skilled people) you will stay as a VENDOR, and the future may not be bright.

This service is composed of several short workshops with the Account Manager (face to face of remotely via Virtual Meeting Rooms) in order to analyse the current LOR status, and to build an LOR improvement plan, with the progress monitored on a monthly basis.

This service may include, on request, Customer Interviews in order to validate the LOR improvement plan.

One again, investing in this service will definitely help you to know where you are in the LOR, and to REDUCE TIME TO SUCCESS !