Big deals qualification and « GO/NOGO » process

Where are the weakest links of this chain, and do we bid or not ?

Qualifying a Big Deal may save you a lot of money if you do not bid (NOGO)...
...and increase significantly your chances to win if you decide to bid (GO).

During an « ABP workshop » (Account Business Planning workshop) we have the opportunity to progress quickly on Big deals qualification, but the need to qualify big deals is not a “one off” exercise, it requires an « effective maintenance » and on-time reactive adjustments. This service can be highly customized for the entire portfolio of a Sales Manager (quartely quick ABP Refresh), or for a subset of specific big deals where the progress needs imperatively to be monitored with the core team during a defined timeframe.

Here the creativity has no limit for improving the effectiveness of a Sales team, for setting objectives, the timeframe and the corresponding KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

We can customize a special ONE DAY BIG DEAL QUALIFICATION workshop (also commonly called TAS workshop, TAS standing for Target Account Selling). We propose also for this service to share the risk with an innovative payment scheme!

How ? the answer is just a quick email or call away.